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Saleix is always ready to answer your questions


1. How much does it cost?

The cost to join Saleix is Canadian $240 .It is a one time expense from your pocket for a lifetime membership and does not include any other extra charges.

2. How fast can I get into the system?

Once your payment is done, you will get 14 digit verification code by Email and than you can sign up.

3. How can I access my information?

When you login with your username and password,you can instantly get into your control panel and access all your information.

4. Do I need to sponsor any people?

You do not need to sponsor anybody to get into the system. But in order to cycle out of the levels, you will need to sponsor people.

5. What is New Journey and Final Journey?

We have 2 levels: first level name is New Journey and second level is Final Journey.

6. What is a station?

A Station is where you are in your journey.

7. What is sponsor?

If you bring one people,it means that people come by your sponsor.

8. What is vote for?

You need 15 votes to cycle out one level to another.

9. Different between sponsor and vote?

Vote is for increasing your vote count in the New Journey Sponsor is for increasing your vote count in the Final Journey So when you invite people, you should tell them to put your name as a sponsor and vote. But if you are already cycled out of the New Journey, you do not need any vote for yourself. Than you can tell them to put your name as a sponsor but put somebodys name as a vote. That way other people form your downlink members can get voted by you.

10. Do I need to sell any products?

No. You do not need to sell any products. Just invite people to join in your network.

11. Is there any additional hidden or monthly membership payment?

No. There is no monthly or hidden payment. There is one time payment of $240 from your pocket. Once you pay $240, you are lifetime member of Saleix.

12. What do I need to do to cycle out of the journey?

Bring as many as people you can. There are no minimum and maximum.

13. What do I receive when I cycle out of the journey?

You get the following commissions after you cycle out of the respective journeys:
1) New Journey: You receive $500
2) Final Journey: You receive $8,000 and a re-entry into the new journey.

14. What is the advantage of sponsoring many people?

You will receive a one dollar bonus on every member that join in your network. More people you bring faster you can cycle out from one level to another.

15. What is backup income?

Each and every people you bring into the network, you will get one dollar.

16. Can I own multiple IDs while building my team?

Yes,Saleix allows you to own as many Ids as you want for several reasons: Get more commissions Earn double or triple the money.